Wouldn’t it be nice…

To be in charge of your own health care? 

To be able to choose who your child sees even without a physician’s referral? 

To receive consistent care from the same therapist (who really knows your child) every session?

To be able to determine the frequency of your child’s care based on his/her need rather than insurance limitations? 


Abilibee Therapy is a self-pay or cash-only (credit cards accepted) practice.  We offer you high-quality, high-value, personalized, one-on-one physical therapy to help your child achieve their highest potential.  Fewer sessions are necessary because our staff provides outstanding training and education to empower your care at home.  This means less time away from work/family/activities, fewer trips to therapy, and a greater understanding of how to progress your child.  All of this adds up to an overall savings to you from a cost and time perspective.


Why are we a Self-Pay ONLY Practice?

It’s simple, our focus is on the best possible patient care!

We believe that your child should receive services based on his or her individual needs and NOT what is directed by an insurance company.  Therefore, we do not bill insurance.


Pricing & Packages


Cash Rates:

$60/Initial Evaluation (typically 60 minutes)

$35/subsequent 30-minute treatment session


Package* Rates:

4 half-hour session series: $120

$20 savings ($5 savings per session)


Baby Wellness Package* (birth-age 1): $200/year

6 half-hour sessions, typically completed at months 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, and 12 during the first year of your baby’s life

Deluxe Baby Wellness Package* (birth-age 1): $400/year

12 half-hour sessions, completed once/month during the first year of your baby’s life

Child Wellness Package* (age 1+): $60/year

2 half-hour sessions, typically completed at 18 and 24 months

*Packages include email communication access to your therapist in-between visits, as needed.  Your therapist may recommend the use of supplementary video visits if concerns arise. Additional online video sessions are available as-needed.  If you choose a package, the cost is due in-full prior to the first visit. Packages are non-transferable.


Can I get reimbursed by my insurance?

You are welcome to submit your bills for reimbursement.  Just ask us and we’d be happy to supply you with a copy of all your billings.  At this time, reimbursement for telehealth therapy is limited.

Contact us about questions regarding our pricing for evaluations, treatment and treatment packages!